Sophrology – First step towards more personal balance, improved performance and overall wellbeing

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What is Sophrologie

Sophrology is a method which brings together controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, body awareness and positive visualization aiming at re-establishing harmony between body and mind to reach a calm and positive state in consciousness.

Accessible to everybody, it consists of a series of easy-to-do physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind.  

Awareness training helps us to strengthen our physical, psychological and mental structures.

Areas of Application

  • Improve everyday life: emotional health, personal and professional well-being, improve self confidence, better sleep …
  • Boost your potential: improve concentration, memory, exam preparation …
  • Therapeutic supplement: sophrology to better cope with subjective tinnitus, better management of pain and medical treatment…
  • Sophrologie in the corporate world: make employees feel more empowered about the way they manage their stress levels, energy and performances. Group or individual sessions (more detailed information in the following link Entreprises)

A typical Sophrology Session

An accompaniment begins with a first session in order to define your personal therapeutic goal. On the basis of this first session, a personalised program will be established including a specific aim for each sucessive session (generally 8 to 12 sessions).

During each session I will propose to you exercises as follow: Controlled breathing associated with muscle relaxation (gentle movements). Breathing in different ways depending on the situations and effects sought. Deep relaxation and visualisation of positive images. The session ends with a short discussion time, where you can express the physical, emotional and mental feelings you experienced during and after the exercises. I will provide you with several exercises to do at home to optimize the effects and allow you to fully appropriate the benefits of Sophrology.

About myself

Certified Sophrologist, I trained at the IFS (Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie), Paris X . I have further attended various courses specialising in Positive Psychologies, Sophrology for children and teenagers, Sophrology and Tinnitus, Sophrology in the Corporate world as well as the practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). More detailed information in the following link Mes Spécialisations)

Originally from Germany, I have lived in France for over 20 years. After a few years spent in business, I turned towards Sophrology, having always been fascinated by alternative approaches to daily well-being and by Yoga. The benefits of Sophrology, which brings together, among others, elements from Relaxation, Yoga, Meditation and Positive Thinking, convinced me to take the path of this professional orientation.

Practical Information

My practice is located in Versailles.

To make an appointment you can use either the online platform Crenolib, call me directly: 07 67 96 49 41 or email to : .

Tariffs for a one-hour individual session:
Adults 65 Euros, Teenagers 60 Euros, Children 55 Euros (6-12 years old, 45 minutes).
Tariffs for group sessions: on demand

Payment by cash or credit card.

The practice is generally in French but can be adapted.

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